lundi 22 septembre 2008


a white t-shirt
a crazy pyjama for petra
"Kobenhavn Soges " new HuskMitNavn book
Moomin t-shirt
an other HuskMitNavn book
Picture from Kramers Ergot exhibition in Helsinki
Wooden bird by Kristian Vedel
Huskmitnavn t-shirts (he's generous!!) for nicolas
Cheap Monday baby t-shirt for petra
Moomin towel in memory of delicious lasagna made by Ulrika's husband
"What is hair?" funny comix from noway by The Dongery
Tommi Mustury new book
Kutikuti 6 or 7 ???
mister bean real teddy bear
Bag bought at Coenhagen Zoo
Piece of fabric printed By Elizabeth Dunker

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