samedi 15 novembre 2008

Group Show
Easy Hey invites 10 Artists to create their own version of KID ONION. The group show will be in DELKOGRAPHIK STUDIO on the Saturday November 29th & features artists :- BWANA SPOONS (Portland - USA)- LUKE RAMSEY (Pender Island - CANADA)- DIMAS FORCHETTI (Sao Paulo - BRAZIL)- NICOLAS PEUCH (Brussels - BELGIUM)- BRECHT VANDENBROUCKE (Gent - BELGIUM)- MIRUKI TSUKO (Antwerpen - BELGIUM)- FILTER017 (Taipei - TAIWAN)- 44 FLAVORS (Berlin - GERMANY)- CHOCKO 1ER (Clermont-Ferrand - FRANCE)- CRAiiON (Paris - FRANCE)Easy Hey will also introduce KID ONION to people in Rennes !

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